‘Don’t use disaster to blame MPs, exploration companies’

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A CHURCH leader has called on the people to refrain from spreading misleading information on the cause of the recent 7.5 magnitude earthquake.
Father Victor Roche, pictured, the Catholic Bishop Conference general secretary, said there was a genuine scientific explanation to the cause.
“People must not use this disaster as an opportunity to blame politicians or the oil and gas explorations companies,” he said.
“It is a scientific situation that caused this natural disaster.
“The scientists will tell us that there are two plates in the earth that are merging into each other and created this earthquake.”
The earthquake which struck at 3.34am on Monday Feb 26 caused massive destruction and loss of lives in Southern Highland, Hela Enga and Western Highlands.
Meanwhile, Caritas PNG director Raymond Ton said the impact on roads, bridges, electricity supply and communication infrastructure in Southern Highlands and Hela was huge.
Ton recently spent a week touring SHP and Hela.
“People are clearly shocked and traumatised,” he said.
“Every day they live in fear because aftershocks are still going on.”

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