Door not closed

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PNG Rugby Sevens coach Waisale Serevi yesterday made a call to all aspiring sevens players and those that missed out, not to give up, while formally confirming his side to prepare for the Tahiti Pacific Sevens.
“The door is not closed, it is always open.
“The difficult part of any sport is selecting a good side, but we are not a good team until we bring back something for our country and the people we represent.”
Serevi made the call after enquiries were made about player ability and form, and player loyalty, at the back of the selection of a few regular rugby league players.
“The players selected all put their hand up to be picked at last weekend’s MRDC tournament, to represent their country.
“Whether they be league or union, these players were the best available from the tournament, and those I saw could produce at the next level,” Serevi said.
The sevens legend having attended every major sevens event in his playing and coaching career over three decades knows what it takes to play at the next level, and has set out, with PNGs re-entry into the IRB sevens circuit, his immediate goal.
With a little over two weeks left before the Tahiti qualifiers, he will leave no stone unturned before the side leaves. 
“We have a job to do right now, so we will get down to it. The time frame is really short and every little time we have from now on in preparation is very important for the team,” he said.
Serevi however issued notice to his side ahead of the next month’s schedule.
“Players have to be mindful that, above themselves and their personal goals, they must remember that they represent the people of PNG and we are not going for a picnic, but to work hard because no one’s spot is permanent.”