Drastic time called for drastic measures

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 17th November 2011

AS a resident of Lae for past eight years, it was sad and sickening to see the lawlessness at Eriku and market going on for a long time without any intervention from the provincial government and police.
The people’s cries were highlighted in the media almost every day but they fell on our leaders’ deaf ears.
The victims were not only Morobeans but highlanders and others as well.
As far as I can remember, people have been calling to the government to step in when the problems started several years ago.
The petty crimes, harassment and rapes were not limited only to Eriku, market and bus stops but in other parts of Lae too.
Whenever there was a national issue, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge would be up there and using the Morobe provincial funds on those issues that did not benefit his own people while the poor Menyamyans were still paying more than K1,000 for hiring a vehicle to access basic services in Lae.
It was the same with the Kabwums, Wains, Watuts, Mark­hams, etc.
It is ironic Morobeans reside in squatters outside the city while outsiders are occupying the main centre.
Morobeans, fed up with lawlessness, decided to stand up and do whatever possible to make the national and provincial governments listen to their cries.
It was a sad state of affairs for them to do what they did.
At the end of the day, if I were the governor, I would have been ashamed for my actions, keep my mouth shut and look for ways to bring tangible development and implement strategies that will uphold the laws of the country.

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