Dregerhafen Secondary School crisis deepens



LANDOWNERS are planning to remove Dregerhafen Technical Secondary School and take back their land if the Government does not assist in bailing the school out of its miseries before school starts.
“If the Government does not want to help, then take your school and I want my land back,” said frustrated Sir Jerry Nalau, who is a landowner as well as the chairman of the board of governors of the school.
The school had been operating with their inadequate infrastructure, such as boarding and staff facilities, inadequate classrooms and teaching facilities among other things.
Sir Jerry said the latest misery was the “complete suspension of the school for an indefinite period by the Health Department following three health inspections.
The suspension notice was served to the school on Dec 12 after the two previous inspections found that the deteriorating conditions of the school, especially its condemned boarding facilities, had not been rectified.
According to Sir Jerry, “the school applied for RESI funds in 2008 to do maintenance, renovations and improvements to the school’s infrastructure and facilities.”
“RESI funding of K1.89 million was approved however, to date we have not received any money. Now where is the money?” he asked.
 “We are giving them until the start of the school year to come clean and tell us where the K1.89 million approved RESI funds are.”
He said, the school currently needed money to renovate and maintain the infrastructure and facilities before the suspension notice could be lifted.
He stressed that the academic year was approaching and if nothing was done “then I will remove Dregerfahen School and I will take my land back, 50 years of service to the Government is enough.”