Drop provincial flags


I HAVE seen from past experiences that our own Papua New Guineans are not respecting this nation – PNG.
As we celebrate the 44th independence anniversary of this country, the mentality of our people are still way behind.
Most of the people, about 75% of the population, carry their provincial flags instead of our national flag during this independence eve.
Is it a provincial independence day or a national independence day?
Wake up and try to think broad my people. We haven’t fought for this thing (independence). We were served on a golden plate so why can’t we be proud and celebrate in a most unique way?
The authorities should look into this and discipline such people who lack patriotism.
Be proud because we were given independence without a bloodshed and loss of lives.
I will be happy to see Papua New Guineans wearing the red, black and gold with the PNG flag walking around the streets instead of provincial flags.
Take back PNG’s pride and identity.

Jonathan Mok, NGV


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