Drug users surrender, join rehab plan

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

ABOUT 1050 marijuana users in Nebilyer, Western Highlands, have surrendered to their leaders and promised to give up the habit.
They are from the council wards of Upka Tepka Komb, Upka Kungnimb Aklimb, Ulka Gunamb, Ulka Komb Akilimb Tulumb, Ulka Kingduga, Ulka Kopiamb Gagimb Kamilga and the Tona Waipika Gamiga in the Tambul – Nebilyer electorate.
The Nebilyer drug rehabilitation programme has taken the lead in conducting counselling, training and education for them.
Last week these drug addicts took part in sporting activities at he Ulga Catholic parish.
Programme coordinator Joe Kata said he initiated the rehabilitation plan because people were destroying their lives by taking marijuana.
“I have learnt that these drug addicts can make or break a community that they lived in,” Kata said.
“After looking at what has been going on I decided to start this programme by using my own funds and resources to help them.
“You cannot command person to follow what you are saying, this is where many went wrong.”
Kata said after conducting a survey, he found that Nebilyer had around 13,000 drug addicts.
“For Nebilyer I believe that the figure must be higher because some people are not coming out publicly,” he said.
“This figure includes men, women and children.”
Kata said everyone had a responsibility to help rehabilitate drug addicts and make them part of the community.
He said people were born with a purpose and drug addicts were human beings that needed help to live.
Kata said it took time for people with drug addiction to change and it  would take a community effort to weed out marijuana in Nebilyer and the province.