Drugs grower reaps what he sows


A 37-year-old man in East New Britain was charged with the cultivation of marijuana after a dawn raid over the weekend, police say.
Acting police commander Senior Inspector Joseph Tabali said the raid was conducted at Mope Ward in the Bitapaka local level government area of Kokopo district.
He said the ward was notorious for drugs and alcohol issues, with youths cultivating drugs to sell.
Tabali said the accused, Fidelis Leo, from Mope, was allegedly found by police to be cultivating marijuana and 20 plants were uprooted and confiscated.
Tabali said such operations would continue in the area and other parts of ENB.
Recently, a youth association launched in the area was hopeful of addressing an increase of drugs and alcohol issues which were causing many social issues.
A few youths had surrendered drugs and homebrew equipment to police recently.