Drunk motorcycle driver dies after slamming into bus

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A MAN believed to have been intoxicated for about two days died when he rode his motorcycle into the back of a stationary vehicle at a bus stop last week.
Madang commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang said Bill Siba from Sisiak, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Modilon Hospital.
He said police investigations revealed that Siba was believed to have been heavily intoxicated for almost two days and was riding his motorcycle in town when he crashed on to the stationary bus.
Supt Rubiang said Siba’s relatives demanded compensation from the bus owner from Asaro in Eastern Highlands who agreed to give them K10,000 to transport the body home.
“Siba’s body is now in the hospital mortuary awaiting a postmortem. I want to warn drivers and riders who drink and drive or ride to stop doing so.
“When drunk, your judgment and control are out and this causes accidents.
“Road accidents involving drunkards are on the rise here,” he said, adding that many had been warned, arrested or charged but they continue to commit such traffic offences.


  • Is this traffic law of 2021? The innocent vehicle owner shall compensate the traffic offender. Kain olsem yumi olgeta drink drive n well be compensated for.

  • I live in the UK and read The National online daily and often shake my head in disbelief at some of the stories and events reported but this one takes the prize.
    So this man drinks himself stupid over two days, breaks the law by riding his motorcycle, most likely at speed, and slams it into the back of a stationary bus killing himself which is a real tragedy for his family but thankfully he did not slam into a group of innocent pedestrians causing even greater tragedy.
    Unbelievably his family then demand compensation from the bus owner to repatriate his body implying that the bus owner was to blame.
    I would have thought that rather than being pressured into parting with K10,000. the bus owner has a more legitimate claim for compensation from the deceased for damage to his vehicle and even loss of earnings whilst it is in the repair shop.
    The bus owner should make a claim against the motorcyclists insurance ( if he had insurance ) and the family could use what is left to take the body home.
    Just a thought but I hope the motorcycle had a valid roadworthiness certificate otherwise that’s another law broken.
    Before the howls of derision against my post start tumbling in I must add that I lived in PNG for 9 years and am happily married to one of your own daughters so I do know enough about “compensation culture” to safely say it is inherently wrong.

  • So the rider is drunk, rides into a “parked” vehicle and the bus driver has to pay for that!! How does that work?

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