Dua grateful for K194mil allocation


CHIMBU Governor Michael Dua has commended the Government for allocating K194 million to his province in next year’s budget.
Dua said it showed the Government’s commitment under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“We have seen budget cuts in other provinces and as well other agencies of the state, but for Chimbu, the commitment and the support from the Government is there,” Dua said.
“That is very important and what we will be doing is focus more on rural communities.
“We still have some missing links and one of our focuses will be to connect Karimui to Kundiawa with an acceptable and standard road.
“The Government has allocated K10 million for the missing link in the 2018 budget and the provincial government will provide funding and the necessary support needed to deliver a standard road from Karimui to Kundiawa in this term of Parliament.”
Dua said improving road networks and conditions in the province would be his priority because roads were key to facilitating and bringing other development and economic opportunities to the province.
“We will go back to the basics of building and maintaining and upgrading roads and bridges, improving health and education infrastructures, and most importantly, supporting our students in tertiary institutions,” he said.
Dua said other important projects that were unfinished due to complications would be looked into and those responsible would be held accountable.