Duma is a vibrant leader

Letters, Normal

THE United Resource Party is making headlines in recent days.
Five opposition members were reported to have joined the URP and it was alleged Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape has been stripped as minister for climate change and assisting the prime minister on LNG matters.
URP leader William Duma has rejected the five opposition MPs saying they did not follow proper procedures.
The reputation of URP as a political institution must be maintained at all times.
The URP is a political party with strong leadership and Duma wants every conduct of the party to be transparent and in order.
On that note, we must understand the appointment and removal of ministers is the prime minister’s prerogative and party leaders or ministers do not have any say.
Therefore, the purported removal of Potape as minister is a blow to URP.


Simbalo Arte Kange
Mt Hagen