DWU maintains school fees

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The National- Monday, January 24, 2011


THE Divine Word University in Madang has decided to implement a policy not to increase school fees for two years.

DWU vice-president of academy Br Andrew Simpson said last year’s fees would be applied this year for diploma and degree programmes.

“In 2010, we did increase by 10 % but we absorbed the extra costs for this year and we will still continue to issue laptops to students under the one laptop per student project at no costs at all,” Simpson said.

Although DWU was not included in the 2010 national budget, it created other initiatives to raise funds for the university such as the Diwai mart and the bakery.

“DWU is not included in the budget as a separate entity, even though we are trying to get this to happen. 

“This is even more important now with amalgamations because education (St Benedict’s) and health (Paramed) are supposed to transfer funds each year to DWU. 

“They do this through the OHE budget and each year the amount transferred is not what is supposed to come our way.  

“We are still negotiating with government to get a DWU allocation, as do the state universities,” he said.

Simpson also said the bakery saved the university half a million kina for dining room costs last year.

As of last Friday, it was said that there would be a total of 1,444 student at the university this year, however, Simpson said this figure was subject to change as some might not turn up.

In relation to student accommodation, he said the university had an application for project development and, if successful, they would build eight dormitories for about 320 places.

Simpson also said the university would also be strict on payment of registration fees to avoid spending much time chasing students for outstanding fees during the year.

Registration and orientation for students will 

start on Feb 7 while the academic staff resumes duty today.