Earthquake warning


I like to question the geo-technical and volcano experts about the 5.4 magnitude earthquake that occurred below Dobu Island, Esa’ala District, in Milne Bay, the previous week.
It is evident that the whole of the D’Entrecasteaux Islands of which Dobu Island is a part, is volcanic. How can the earthquake not be related to current volcanic activities taking place in certain parts of the islands?
Please explain where the tectonic plates are located below the island of Dobu that caused this earthquake and demonstrate the disjointed structural axis within the tectonic plates that caused the earthquake and how it happened.
Is this a cover-up from the authorities so as to not cause alarm and panic among the people of Dobu and Esa’ala?
There are seven vents on top of Dobu Island spewing out volcanic smoke. There is also a crater facing Normanby Island which means that there was an eruption there before.
The mountain above Sibulugomwa and Budoia is also a crater, as well as the mountain before the Sebutuia Bay.
These sets of mountains are old craters which might still be active volcanoes. This means that the volcanic magmas are connected below Earth’s surface and remain active. These are connected to the Deidei volcanic activity area.
Can the Volcanological Observatory and geoscientist give a detailed explanation as to how this earthquake is not related to a pending volcanic eruption of Dobu Island or any other mountains connected to it?
The road to Miadeba needs to be upgraded and land set aside for the resettlement of people should a volcanic eruption occur
Plan ahead. Do not wait until it’s too late like what happened on Karkar, Manam and the Solten group of islands in Madang.
I was the person who wrote the Dobu local level government five-year development plan in 2011. I made a priority recommendation to the Dobu LLG to immediately restore and or build a new seismograph equipment at Esa’ala District HQ to monitor and warn people in advance of an impending volcanic activity.
This earthquake is a warning.

Dr Solomon B. Yowait (Ph.D)
Concerned Milne Bay citizen

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