Education conference underway

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 8th, 2013


THE 2013 National Education Conference gets under way at the University of Goroka today. 

Conference organisers said the conference was designed to bring together important stakeholders to discuss and help to calibrate a pathway and design a map for pillar one of Vision 2050 that talks about human capital development, gender and youth.

Organising committee joint chairmen Michael Mel and Joseph Sukwianomb said some of the issues to be discussed included legislations, curriculum, infrastructure, training and the formation of the National Curriculum and Assessment Authority (NCAA)

Mel said the Government had injected a lot of money into education and it should be used wisely to develop human resources that would help to make the country wealthier, healthier, wiser and a happy society by 2050.

He said as the population increased, the number of schools increased but the quality of education remained the same.

The conference would discuss how best the education system could produce quality education.

“We want to bring together policy makers and important stakeholders in education to discuss issues affecting the education system that derails the quality of education,” Mel said.

The University of Goroka, Office of Vision 2050 and the Education Department had are hosting the conference, Sukwianomb said.

He said one outcome of the meeting would be the establishment of the NCAA.

Treasurer and Acting Minister for Higher Education Don Polye will open the conference.