Education working to improve TFF: Kombra

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

THE Education Department is still working on improving the tuition fee- free (free education) policy, secretary Dr Uke Kombra says.
He told a departmental heads’ meeting last Friday that education had received K2.76 billion over the last four years to implement TFF, which was sent directly to schools.
“Recently, we have been working very closely with Department of Finance to ensure the funds that come from Treasury are going directly to school accounts,” Dr Kombra said.
“That system has improved dramatically over the last four years.
“This year, we have received about K230 million, which we have disbursed.
“This year, considering the actual experience that we have had, we have decided to disburse the money on a quarterly basis or term basis.
“In other words, of the K600 million, we have to spend K150 million every term.
“So far, we have disbursed K230 million.”
Dr Kombra said the department had consolidated all previous TFF policies into one this year.
“We have now transferred about 50 positions from the department to the provincial level,” he said.