EHP MP urges locals to grow, sell cash crops

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The National, Wednesday 04th September 2012

VICE-Minister for Public Enterprises and Kainantu MP Johnson Tuke is urging his people to be more involved in legal economic activities.
He made the comment in Port Moresby following a police report yesterday that they arrested  in Morobe five people in possession of marijuana. All are believed to be from Kainantu in Eastern Highlands.
“The people can grow cash crops and earn a living and contribute more meaningfully to the economy of this country through legal means,” he said.
Tuke said his electorate had great economic potential and urged his people to be more involved in growing cash crops like coffee and vegetables.
“I see no reason why people are taking the law into their own hands through such illegal activities and tarnishing the good name of thousands of hard-working people from Kainantu and the Eastern Highlands,” he said.
He said that he was willing to help youth programmes in the electorate and asked youths from the area to become more involve in initiatives.
“I will undertake some positive youth programmes in our district to help the youths during my term.
“And I encourage everyone to take part and show ownership in such initiatives to see developments in our electorate.”
Tuke said all people must sweat to see changes in their lives and earn a living as there was no such thing as free handouts.