EHP official upset over absences


REGULAR absenteeism of public servants in rural districts of Eastern Highlands is adversely affecting service delivery in these areas, says a senior public servant with the provincial administration.
Director corporate services of EHP provincial administration Ben Ulofo expressed his disappointments in Okapa on Friday after district development authority chief executive officer John Nosi was absent for the swearing-in of the new DDA, which includes new Okapa MP Saki Hacky Soloma.
He was in Okapa to witness the swearing-in on behalf of provincial administrator Samson Akunai.
A handful of district public servants witnessed this important occasion for Okapa.
Ulofo said Nosi’s absence was a letdown given that he was the top public servant in Okapa.
“Okapa district public servants, including Nosi, are posted here to remain in the district to attend to the needs of the people and deliver services to them,” he said.
“I do not know why he is absent.
“He is supposed to be present to facilitate the swearing-in  of the Okapa DDA.”
Ulofo called on the provincial human resource division to closely monitor movements and performances of district public servants.
Soloma vowed to clean up the district and get all public servants to work with him there.
He said public servants would be stationed in Okapa and not in Goroka or even Port Moresby.
“I will operate in the district and have started with this swearing-in.”