ELCPNG Chimbu district holds annual youth conference


YOUTHS of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chimbu held their seventh annual district conference at Negabo-Karepa circuit in Karamui last month.
Lutheran youths from around Chimbu walked to Karamui to spread the gospel.
They also marked seven years of spreading the gospel within the province this year. Pr Baundo Kaugla said the event was successful in spite of the bad weather, tribal fighting and the controversy surrounding the recount of votes for the Chimbu provincial seat.
“The Christian family here in Negabo really needs our presence to pass on the word of God to them,” he said.
Kaugla is a national church study master who serves as a pastor in ELCPNG Chimbu district.
He is also acting as a district youth coordinator.
Delegates walked from Kundiawa to Karaamui and proceeded to Mick Clyde Parish, Negabo, where the main venue was.
It took them three weeks by foot to get to Negabo via Kundiawa. Among them were sister church districts like Jiwaka, East Chimbu and Papua from Wabo and Poroi which attended the week-long event.
Pr Gagma Moroyal said: “I walked 300km to see my Christian family members on the other side of province. To talk to them and shake hands with them makes me feel good. The place is filthy rich in food and land.
“Development in human resource in both church and government sector is vital.”
Moroyal, a youth pastor, serves as conference chaplain in church occasions in Chimbu and abroad.
The next conference will be hosted by the Kagai circuit.

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