Elderly woman burnt to death

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A WOMAN in her late 60s was burnt to death by Masul villagers who accused her of practicing sorcery last week.
Simbu provincial police commander Supt Joseph Tondop yesterday confirmed the “execution” of the woman by the villagers.
“The villagers suspected her of practicing sorcery over the death of a security guard from Masul who died while working in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province,” Supt Tondop said.
“A police unit is conducting investigations in the village and is liaising with village leaders to identify and arrest those involved in the killing,” he added.
Supt Tondop appealed to relatives, church and community leaders to help police arrest and charge the murder suspects.
“We have withheld the identity of the woman in respect of her relatives and the horrific way she was killed,” he said.
The woman reportedly has grown up children and grandchildren who did nothing because they feared for their own safety.
“The people of Masul are mostly Christians, living very close to the Highlands Highway and Masul police station. They could easily report the incident to us.
“I condemn their inaction and we will thoroughly investigate the brutal slaying,” Supt Tondop said.
He said accusations of sorcery and killings were rampant in the six
districts of Simbu province and police would act to deter or stop such “senseless killings”.
Supt Tondop also appealed to Members of Parliament to support a move by the Constitutional Law Reform Commission chairman Joe Mek Teine to amend the Sorcery Act to give more bite to law enforcers.