Elementary schools to teach English next year

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LOCAL vernaculars will no longer be taught at elementary schools in the country, Education Minister James Marape announced yesterday.
Mr Marape said English would be taught instead of local vernaculars starting next year, when the Universal Basic Education (UBE) system is introduced.
Many have criticised the teaching of local vernaculars at that level, with some parents arguing that their children were writing and speaking poor English in community and high schools.
Mr Marape was speaking to school children and parents when he visited Lufa District in Eastern Highlands province yesterday.
He launched projects worth K3 million at Lufa Secondary School from the Rehabilitation Education School Infrastructure (RESI) funds made available to Lufa MP Yawa Silupa.
An allocation of K230 million was made under RESI funds.
Mr Marape said the K230 million was only 10% of the money PNG needed to improve all the school infrastructure.
He said the Somare Government was working towards achieving this.