Employees on strike

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The National, Tuesday 02nd April, 2013

EMPLOYEES from the mining division of Ramu NiCo mine in Kurumbukari, Usino, Madang have petitioned the management regarding wage increase, working conditions, safety, risks allowances and training issues. Meanwhile, landowners are planning another protest tomorrow regarding outstanding land issues.
According to police on site providing security, the employees submitted the petition last week allowing the management to respond after seven days that ended yesterday.
All mining division employees walked off their jobs yesterday and held a sit-in protest.
Police said that most employees claimed that they have been working for the company for six years and were being paid as the plantation labourers with K250-K300 fortnightly.

Police said the mine division employees would continue their stop work until Labour department officers from Madang addressed their grievances.
The situation was quiet but tense as local landowners were preparing for their protest tomorrow.
Attempts to contact Ramu NiCo deputy community affairs manager Martin Baining for comments were unsuccessful.