ENB police generate K144,000 last year

National, Normal

The National –Thursday, January 6, 2011


POLICE operations in East New Britain last year has generated more than K144,000 as revenue for the state.

Police commander, Supt Sylvester Kalaut said that a total of K144,787 was collected between Jan 1and Dec 31 last year.

He said ENB police, though was service-oriented tried their  best to make revenue to contribute to the Government’s consolidated revenue fund.

The revenue was collected through, firearm fees, traffic accident report fees, crime report fees (Insurance) and traffic infringement notices (TIN).

Last year firearm fees totaled K19,850; accident report fees, K2, 975; driving test fees, K5, 640; character checks, K23,360; crime K750; and TIN raised the highest bringing in K92,209.

The amount raised in TIN was collected from vehicles owners and operators breaking traffic laws. 

Department of Transport is reportedly in the process of reviewing existing traffic laws to increase penalties to K1,000 to deter offenders.

Kalaut said if they could do it, other organisations could do it as well.

He said they  submitted daily takings to the provincial treasury office.

On the shortage of fuel, Kalaut hopes to also make use of daily operations to collect fees to counter-act fuel problems.