ENB public service restructure will be reviewed: Official


East New Britain’s public service organisational structure will be reviewed next year, provincial administrator Wilson Matava says.
Matava said key divisions at the headquarters in Kokopo would start to develop terms of reference to pave the way for the review of
the provincial administration structure.
“We will go into a major restructure that will be dynamic and can respond to current changes,” he said.
He said the new structure would also be based on lessons learnt from challenges faced with the current structure.
“We are looking at increasing the number of staff at the 18 LLGs but there is a possibility the number of LLGs may increase.
“It depends on the negotiation of the new political leadership together with the Department of Inter-Government Relations on the establishment of a new district in Gazelle and new wards in East New Britain.”
Matava also said that at the provincial headquarters level, he was looking at streamlining the number of deputies.
“Currently, I have three deputies. With the new structure, our emphasis is to put a lot more officers down at the front line.”
Matava has also imposed a blanket ban on the hire of vehicles by officers with the only exception for cocoa extension programmes in wards and to hire PMV trucks in those wards.
“We are going through difficult times that have forced us to take difficult decisions at the headquarters and we need to use resources we have to benefit people in wards.”