End homelessness, overcrowding


IT is pathetic that some people in urban areas are still living in overcrowded and unsuitable homes while some are completely homeless.
In Kenya, people live in slums.
Kibera is Nairobi’s biggest and most notorious slum, burrowed in the heart of the city, with the river Kibera flowing or rather stagnating through it.
Over the years, it has seen its fair share of development interventions, but little to nothing have been done to address the challenges faced by the inhabitants.
Other countries still face challenges of homelessness, particularly poor countries.
Overcrowding causes many problems.
Poor air and water quality, insufficient water availability, waste-disposal problems, and high energy consumption are exacerbated by the increasing population density and demands of urban environments.
Strong city planning would be essential in handling these challenges.
There should be a global initiative aimed at eradicating homelessness and overcrowding across the globe.

Handsen Chikowore
United Kingdom


  • Best solution is to si.oly go back home to their respective provinces where they have their huge hectares of land, lots fresh air and water and fertile soil to grow garden food and eat.

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