Enga leaders attend training on management

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 09th April, 2013

 TWELVE representatives of committees and groups including councillors from Kandep, Laiagam and Wabag districts in Enga attended a week’s training on basic community management last month. 

The training was funded and conducted by ADB Grant JFPR project from March 25 to 28.

One of its objectives was to prepare and empower individuals and equip them with tools for community scoping, planning, organising, report writing and running formal meetings so that they can continue to sustain the ADB grant project activities. 

Closing the training, former Wabag district administrator Alphonse Kipakapu said the “know how” became the basis of any development initiative.

He said the training was timely as the ‘bottom up development’ concept was expected by the national government.   

Kipakapu said too much political interference in district administrations diverted the general development priorities to political priorities. 

“Thus, communities will continue to live an isolated life until there is a political leadership and a will to start from bottom,” he said.