Enga politicians scared of their own people: Chare

National, Normal


ENGA politicians are scared of their own people that they always ask for police escort when traveling within their electorates.
Provincial police commander Supt Michael Chare told The National he often questioned why the politicians in the province were scared of their own people and had always wanted police escort.
Supt Chare said leaders were mandated by the people and there should be no reason why they should be afraid.
Assistant police commissioner and Highlands divisional police commander Simon Kauba said politicians were not entitled to police escort.
ACP Kauba said only the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Opposition and the Governor-General were entitled to police protection.
He said police would provide escort to State ministers only on request in the form of a letter to the provincial police commander.
He said the provincial police commanders would go through the formal request letter and decide whether to assign some of the policemen to provide escort or not based on the merits of the request.
ACP Kauba said governors or any other politicians were not entitled to, and do not need police escort.
He warned that policemen who were escorting politicians without clearance would face disciplinary actions.