Enough cops to maintain security in Kandep

National, Normal

THERE are enough police men on the ground in Kandep district to make sure the by-election is carried out smoothly despite speculations about guns build-up and supporters of candidates threatened to burn down the counting centre.
Assistant Police Commissioner and Highlands Divisional Commander Simon Kauba said on Monday in Kandep district headquarters that his men were aware of the speculations and threats.
Mr Kauba said 275 fully armed mobile squad officers from Lae, Goroka, Mt Hagen and Mendi with the support from Port Moresby based in Porgera were enough to make sure that there was no disturbance.
He said there was no problem with the security.
He said if the Electoral Commission prepared to do the counting both day and night, then it must provide good lights because security would not be a problem.
Mr Kauba said their job was to provide security and maintain law and order in the district.
He said the conduct of the by-election was the sole responsibility of the electoral officials to carry out and they would make sure the electoral officials carry out their jobs effectively without threats and pressure from outside.
He said the first day of the polling on Monday went smoothly with little hiccups although some candidates tried to pull the polling teams into their area but polling officials conducted the polling in the gazetted polling areas.