Enough of police brutality: Doctor

National, Normal


EMERGENCY physician and coordinator of the Port Moresby General Hospital’s emergency and accident ward, Dr Sam Yockopua, says the accident and emergency (ANE) ward has had enough of treating victims of police brutality.
He said numerous cases of police brutality had been causing unnecessary headaches for emergency staff at the ANE ward, taking up valuable time and resources needed for genuine emergency ceases.
Dr Yockopua yesterday told The National that every day the ANE department received two or three victims of police brutality.
“We have been keeping silent but from now on, we don’t want to accept any victims of police brutality.
“Maybe the police should build an emergency hospital to treat their victims.
“In here, we are dealing with life and death situations and bringing in victims of police adds to the existing strain and pressure,” Dr Yockopua said.
He was speaking after treating a patient for suspected head and neck injuries yesterday, allegedly caused by police brutality.
Jack Kaimal, in his 40s, from Enga province, was allegedly beaten up by police at Hohola.
He alleged that his wife had bribed policemen to beat him up because of a domestic problem.
Mr Kaimal said the policemen, who came with his wife, forced him into the police van and kicked and hit him on his head and neck repeatedly.
He sustained injuries to head, neck, hip, limbs and back.
He also alleged that the policemen removed his bag containing K500 along with some court documents, and destroyed property worth thousands of kina at his house.
Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner for Police (ACP) operations, Raphael Huafolo, condemned in the strongest possible terms the actions of the policemen allegedly involved.
“We are responsible for the safety and protecting the interests of the public,” ACP Huafolo told The National.
“We don’t need such cops who do not have any regard for human dignity,” he said.
ACP Huafolo said once the report on the incident reached his office and police internal affairs, he would direct them to investigate and deal with the policemen concerned.