Ensure teachers are doing their jobs right


EDUCATION authorities in all provinces should thoroughly check the productivity level of individual teachers when working on their the leave fares entitlement calculations.
All head teachers and parents should be consulted to provide proof whether teachers have been teaching students full time in their assigned positions or on the borrowed positions, particularly in district levels.
Teachers who are present at the commencement of the academic year – fill the summary sheets and teacher record of appointment documents – and pretend to teach for two or three months and runaway from remote schools to urban areas and wait for their fortnights are not qualified teachers.
These group of teachers are a bunch of thieves who liaise with the officers at the provincial education salaries and appointments offices to do so.
Money is used to turn things their way.
Why are these teachers getting leave entitlements to spend holidays at their home provinces when they fail to provide the required services in their classrooms?
Some of them are not honest in their leave applications.
In case of married teachers, they may have the right to take leave to their spouses’ home provinces, but that should not be seen as the destination for every leave period.
Next year should be a year of real change in provinces and ensure head teachers do not unnecessarily release teachers to leave school and stay away for two or more weeks.
These periods of absence are a great loss to the learner.
Just look at it, children are affected.
Those who are involved in this are failing themselves. Such teachers should be reported and ensure their salaries are deducted accordingly.
If they do not change, they should be recommended for suspended without pay.
Educating a child is a shared responsibility and it calls for everyone to play their part to make sure all teachers are on the school grounds to carry out teaching duties from Monday to Friday, except for holiday.
Authorities at the provincial education office, especially in Morobe, should be aware that some teachers are busy doing money market businesses during school hours.
These bunch of teachers do not deserve to be teachers.
They should never be considered for positions in the next appointments.
I appeal to those in authority to be tough on such teachers and stop accepting bribery.

Former Teacher,