Envoy: Relevant skills, institutions will help develop nation

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The National, Friday 7th September, 2012

INDIAN High Commissioner Dr Ajay Gondane is urging the people of Papua New Guinea to find relevant skills and institutions to develop the nation.
Gondane said this on Wednesday while sharing India’s development experience with more than 100 participants of the National Development Forum.
“Knowledge is so affordable now, you can acquire knowledge,” he said.
“What you need is relevant skills. You need to find the relevant skills in the relevant institutions to develop your country.
“Finding relevant skills are what that really matters to you or the people of Papua New Guinea.
“India is much the same as Papua New Guinea; we have an agriculture-based economy.
“However, we have more challenges as well. You are a nation greater than India because your GDP is relatively greater, while we have a population of 1.3 billion people with a very low GDP in comparison to PNG.
“PNG has a bigger economy. I have travelled around Papua New Guinea and I have seen very intelligent people.
“Even the village people ask intelligent questions. So I ask what is really wrong that PNG is not getting it right.
“I think you must find relevant skills to develop this nation and relevant institutions to help you.
“You don’t need to follow what someone who is 500 miles away from you dictates on the phone,” he said.
Gondane said India was still developing despite a large unemployment rate, low GDP compared to PNG because the people were determined to develop the nation.
 “You need to be determined about developing PNG. You need to believe in yourself and ask what yourself what it is that really matter to you.
“You can do the same in PNG. Seek what you really need and do it.
“I can never have the answers to your soul, find it in yourself. What can you do for yourself,” Gondane said.