Equality bill against Christian principles, says community leader

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The National,Monday16 January 2012

WHILE women’s leaders push for Parliament to pass the women’s Bill, some see the move as desperate and against Christian principles.
Rex Wiremari, a community leader from Morata in NCD, thinks the push for the 22 reserved seats could trigger disrespect and disunity between men and women.
He said women should consider the disadvantages and the consequences that may follow.
“This Bill, if passed, should carry some limitations and not give absolute power to women as this could be disastrous,” he said.
He said the women should not vie to be equal as men as it was against Christian principles.
“In the book of Genesis 2:18, God created man before women because God saw that man needed women to assist man and work side by side,” he said.
“God did not create women to be equal to man.”
He said equality was not God’s tradition.
Wiremari said Christians should know very well that God had to remove Lucifer because he wanted to be God’s equal.
He said to promote gender equality was fine but for women to go to the extreme of gaining political power was not right and urged every Christian woman throughout the country to be mindful of that before pushing for the Equality and Participation Bill.
He said many media reports regarding the push for the women’s Bill came from certain women such as Women in Business and “high-class women”.
He said the Bill was not in the best interests of ordinary women.
“I am not discouraging our women and mothers of this nation but all I am trying to convey is that women should know their boundaries and stay within the confines of their boundaries,” he said.