ESPG reference not in our best interest

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 29th November 2011

THE East Sepik provincial government’s reference questioning the validity of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s election is not in the best interest of PNG.
Former ministers in the previous government such as Arthur Somare and Patrick Pruaitch have been referred to the court by the Ombudsman Commission and Paul Tiensten is currently under investigation by the Task Force Sweep team.
So who are they to say they were removed by “power-hungry thugs”?
Since taking office in August, the O’Neill-led government has shown it is serious in tackling corruption.
The previous government did nothing of that sort except making a series of rhetoric.
I will be disappointed if the court were to reinstate the previous government come Dec 9.
Why? Because I am fed up with corruption, simple as that.
I am not saying that the O’Neill-led government is clean because I believe there are some wolves in sheep’s clothing.
What cannot be denied is it has made some progress in fighting corruption and put in place groundwork for good go­vernance.
PNG needs to move forward, not backwards.

Anti-corruption advocate