Estate gives tenants notice of eviction


THE business arm of a local level government is giving its tenants until 4.06pm today to pay up or allow new tenants to move into their place.
Rex Punim, the general manager of Hagen 2 Investment, a business arm of the Hagen rural local level government in Hagen central, Western Highlands, said they would remove tenants occupying seven stores inside their building without paying rent for six years.
He said the long building in front of Mt Hagen main market was owned by the council, together with the market.
Punim said the tenants over the years, took advantage of the failed council election in 2013, to occupy the stores without paying their rentals.
He said last year, after successful council elections, legitimate councillors under president Wai Rapa, wanted to take back all their assets and do businesses with genuine people.
“I already served the last eviction notices last week and gave tenants up till 4.06pm today to pay up their rentals for six years,” he said.
Punim said if they failed to pay, they would remove them with the help of police, and signed new lease agreement with new people to put in.
“Because of the failed council election, we have been too lenient with our tenants, we expect them to be honest and pay their dues.”

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  • Just give them a humble time. They are human beings. They know the conditions too. Just give them a week or so and see if they can make a payment no other than that period.

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