Evangelist: Have vision

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 AN evangelist with the Outreach Ministry, Miri Baidamo yesterday said when churches lacked vision, people perished.

Baidamo said he was a pioneer of the Kaugere Foursquare Church engaged in its establishment with Australian missionary Bill Page from 1993 to1997. 

He decided to leave the church in 2010 and began street preaching as an evangelist with the Outreach Ministry.

“After becoming a street preacher I have seen a big difference between street preachers and church pastors and leaders of churches in relation to the higher call they have been entrusted to do,”Baidamo said. 

“Today church leaders are compromising with worldly things. 

“My main intention is to voice this concern to pastors and leaders of all Christian churches and not any one church in particular. 

“I urge them to have visions to lead God’s people in these hard times. 

“I encourage them not to engage in dealings that will compromise their spiritual duties. 

“They must stand on Christ-like principles and lead people by example,” he said.

“We should not wait for Saturdays and Sundays to conduct services but reach out more to those in need.”

He said leaders must stand as a watchman stands on a tower and blow their trumpets when they see danger approaching.