Events council plans for July 23

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 18th, 2012

LARGE crowds are expected to flock in at centres celebrating Remembrance Day on July 23, says  Kone Emilio.Each provincial government would organise its own activities to commemorate the event, he said.
Key participants du­ring the national cele­brations will include PNG Defence Force personnel, Royal PNG Constabulary members, Correctional Service officers and former servicemen.
Emilio is also acting chairman of state ceremonies and conferences.
He said  believed that participants had increased in the past five years.
He said the National Events Council was finalising preparations for the celebrations “to ensure everything falls in place” on the day to remember the fallen.
“This year we are expecting more than 500 people to participate in the event next Monday in Port Moresby,” he said.“It is a national event and apart from Port Moresby, other provinces are also gearing up to remember our fallen heroes.”Traffic along downtown Port Moresby, Ela Beach roundabout and Koki are likely to be disrupted. Traffic will be re-routed to allow for a parade by members of the disciplinary forces, Girl Guides, Scouts and former servicemen.