Evicted family seeks refuge at army barracks

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THE widow and children of former deputy registrar of Land titles, Mark Tola, were forced to look for places elsewhere to reside after they were evicted last Thursday from their home near Kunai Street, Hohola, in the nation’s capital.
The company, J & R Investment, which took over the property agreed to relocate the family to another place to stay after the eviction, did not come good on its word. 
Helpless Anita Tola and her five children were waiting for their father’s final entitlements, which were still pending, to help them go back and settle in their village in Manam, Madang province, but faced another burden while waiting.
They were in shock when truckloads of armed policemen went to their residence last Thursday and ordered them to vacate the place, which was their home for the past 30 years.
They were among more than 40 other tenants, who were also families of deceased Lands officers.
A spokesman for the tenants said the widow and her children had gone to reside with some of their relatives at Murray Barracks when the claimant failed to relocate them.
The spokesman said the property was occupied by the claimant’s workers, who went in and cleared the place and did their own maintenance to the property.