Ex-cop: Choose bosses with field savvy

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The National, Monday 6th May 2013

 THE Government has been urged to choose police commissioners who have field experience to better address law and order issues affecting the country.

Speaking at the launching of the Karkum youth law and justice programme at North Coast Road (NCR) in Madang last Friday, former CID officer Willie Malibun said that commissioners with field experience would be in a better position to address law and order issues from grassroots level.

“Youths are major contributors of law and order problems in their respective communities and the government and police must have better knowledge how to deal with them”.

More than 300 youths from five different villages had turned up at the launching to present a submission to government authorities to assist them with their initiated projects.

The youths wanted tools and equipment to work at carpentry and cocoa projects which would keep them away from participating in criminal activities.

NCR highway patrol commander Const Adam Yawing said supporting youth projects was a way of reducing law and order issues.

“There must be a way to enforce law in communities. We police can’t just go around arresting criminals. Law and order is everyone’s business. 

“The community at large must support in one way,” Yawing said. 

He urged parents to strengthen family units and not neglect  their children.