Exam papers run out

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013


THERE is a shortage of Grade 8 national examination papers in some schools in Morobe, the education division says.

Morobe education adviser Murika Bihoro confirmed yesterday afternoon he had directed officers to sort out the matter.

Rural schools have complained of the late delivery of papers. 

The Grade 8 exams began yesterday.

Bihoro could not give the number of schools affected.

“It is correct there is shortage of papers. 

“I treat it very seriously and will do an internal investigation,” Bihoro said.

Some concerned head teachers and officials from the Morobe education division raised the alarm over the weekend when they realised the problem and approached their district offices.

The examination paper were said to have arrived in Lae last month.

Some affected schools have been forced to open the exam paper boxes in order to photocopy the exam papers.

The power outage in Lae has not helped.

Markham Road Primary School head teacher Sam Nalong said the school was short of 75 papers. 

He suspected the data from 10 years ago must have been used because the number of students had increased.

An education official said: “We are running into all sorts of problem to distribute exam papers for all the primary schools in Morobe. 

“Those who are responsible must be on their toes because we are experiencing issues here. 

“Some of the schools have not received their papers and I don’t know how they are going to go about it.”