Exam time for Grade 10 students

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GRADE 10 students throughout the country began sitting for their national examinations, starting with the English paper yesterday.
Students at Gerehu Secondary School in Port Moresby were busy writing their examination when The National caught up with them during the morning session.
Deputy academic Florendo Tuguinay told The National there were 497 Grade 10 students, however, five of them did not turn up yesterday morning for the first paper.
“We do not know the reason why they did not turn up, so we put beside their names the reason as unknown,” he said.
Grades Nine and 11 students are told to come for classes at 11.30am after the examinations are over because of a shortage of classrooms.
“As for the Grade 12, they come in the morning with the Grade 10 because they will also be sitting for their national examinations in week four. This is week two for the school,” Mr Tuguinay said.
He said Grade 10 students would sit for the numeracy paper today, science paper tomorrow and then the social science paper on Thursday.
When asked about the situation at school on students’ behaviour around this time of the academic school year, he said “recently there have been no issues like fighting and drinking and I hope it stays that way”.
“However, if they decide to misbehave after the examinations, they will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.
Nationwide, 36,803 students will be sitting for the Grade 10 national examinations this year.