Execs want Polye back

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The National – Friday, June 17, 2011

CHIMBU and Eastern Highlands Na­tional Al­liance party executives want highlands NA de­puty leader Don Polye reinstated.
Party branch presidents Jerry Hoga (EHP) and Garry Eremuge (Chimbu) on Tuesday expressed great disappointment over Polye’s sacking as foreign affairs minister.
“Polye is not only a senior party man but an architect of the government and played pivotal roles in many decisions,” Hoga said.
“He has been through thick and thin with this government and does not deserve to be dumped in such a manner.”
He said that the Kandep MP held very senior ministerial portfolios in the past and had achieved a lot for the country.
“Some ministers have serious question marks over them and deserved to be sacked in such a manner but the alleged insubordination is a minor issue that Abal sees as a major issue,” Hoga said.
He said Abal’s action had put a blade through the heart of the NA party.
Hoga’s deputy Montee Akike supported the call for the reinstatement of Polye to his Foreign Affairs and Immigration Ministry.
Akike said there was an imminent split threatening the NA party executives and members.
Eremuge said if Polye was not reinsta­ted, “there will be instability in the go­vernment, especially among members of the ruling NA party”.
“We need Polye to be reinstated immediately to keep the party intact, otherwise there are divisions,” he warned.
Eremuge said there must be cooperation and team work for the party to remain strong and vi­brant.