Existing roads get first choice for funding


Works Minister Michael Nali says his priority is to maintain existing roads for easier transportation of goods and services to rural people.
“Depending on the availability of funds, I will ensure that these roads will always be accessible,” he said.
Daulo MP Pogio Ghate queried about upgrading of the Asaro-Kwongi road in his district in Eastern Highlands and maintenance of the Highlands Highway.
“My first priority is to maintain the existing roads and my second priority is to give access to people in the rural areas for them to bring their goods to the market, depending on whatever funds I have in my department,” Nali said.
He said the road to link Asaro, Kwongi and Gembogl in Chimbu was under the Asian Development Bank transport funding to be available soon. The Highlands Highway has deteriorated and the upgrading will be funded under ADB for K3 billion, Nali said.
“The upgrading of the highway will have two sections. One section is from Nadzab in Morobe to Henganofi in Eastern Highlands,” he said. “The second section is from Henganofi to Kakamuga in Western Highlands.”
Nali said a company would be involved in maintaining all the upgraded roads under the government’s zero-pot-hole policy.
He called on MPs, especially in the rural areas, to provide funds from their district service improvement programme funds to help maintain their roads.