Expect winds, heavy rain, says official


SQUALLY winds with heavy rain are expected for the Mamose, New Guinea Islands and the Southern region, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).
“The north-west monsoon is now in full swing as moderate to heavier rainfalls will be experienced right across the country,” NWS assistant director Jimmy Gomoga said:
“We will be expecting some squally conditions (strong winds that comes in surges) with quite heavier rainfalls till the mid of the week.”
Gomoga said such rainfall was normal at this time of the year (wet season) with stable sea surface temperatures “enhancing rain activities with above to above normal rainfalls in the country”.
There could be some flooding in the Mamose, New Guinea Islands and Southern region.
People are advised to be aware as more rain is expected to continue this week and throughout the wet season.
“Heavier rainfalls are (also) expected from the Kiwai Islands to the Milne Bay islands as well as the Highlands region,” Gomoga said.
Strong winds warning have been predicted for all coastal provinces of Mamose, Southern and the New Guinea Islands areas around the Bismarck, Solomon and Coral seas.