Expo helps woman


A forum in Port Moresby this week has opened up business opportunities for women, according to entrepreneur Anna Goi.
Goi, 50, hails from Chimbu and owns a canteen which she has operated since 2015.”
She sells jewellery, hats and head dresses made from materials from her backyard.
Goi, who was among other female exhibitors, during the 5th two days women’s forum said:
“The forum had not only opened up business opportunities but also has created a platform for us to network with partners and other business-minded mothers and also showcase our artwork.
“I make hats using coconut leaves and sell flowers to florists.
“I look at K200 a day from the sales of the hats, feathers and artwork but from the forum alone, I have made about K500 in the two days.
“Most of my income is generated by my canteen where I make a profit of about K10,000 every year.
Apart from the canteen business, Goi also does patch work, sew bags and meri blouses.
She is inspired by her late brother.

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