ExxonMobil sponsors SHP technicians

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The National- Monday, January 17, 2011


THE developer of the liquefied natural gas project in the Southern Highlands has sponsored two biomedical technicians to go for further training in the United States.

ExxonMobil sponsored technicians Tobias Gual and Sam Ovil with US$75,000 each for a period of six months training at the Madison Biomedical Equipment Repair Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Gual and Ovil, who are based with the Mendi General Hospital, left last Wednesday and will return in July.

This is also part 

of ExxonMobil’s initiative to develop human resource working in the public sectors.

The hospital’s chief executive officer Joseph Turian said this training would boost the hospital services as it continues to deliver much needed health services in the province.

He said with the training, the two biotech 

engineers, would have increased knowledge in medical equipment management and enhanced skills in repairing medical equipment.

He also commended ExxonMobil on behalf of the hospital and board for sponsoring the two to undergo training in the US.

In their absence, the hospital has arranged with the Health Department for another officer to relieve them.

Turian added that since being given the five star status last year, the hospital had stepped up its operations significantly.

He said doctor’s houses were currently being constructed and are expected to be completed by April to accommodate residential doctors.

He also said PNG Eye Care would be opening one of its centres in the hospital next month to treat people with eye problems.

Mendi General Hospital recently issued staff uniforms which has improved staff appearance and continues to improve its outlook.

Some of its recent developments include the recruitment of additional specialist doctors, installing of the stand 

by generator, and other significant changes which have ensured effective delivery of health services.