Falling tree narrowly misses home, sleeping family of seven

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A FAMILY of seven is thanking their lucky stars after a falling tree just missed their home early Monday morning.
Benny Anndress and his family live at Bundi Camp in Lae.
“I was inside the house but was disturbed by the wind and came out to the verandah to check,” he said.
“I saw the tree swaying in the wind then fall towards the house.”
The incident happened around 1am when heavy rain and strong winds lashed the city.
He said if the tree had fallen on the house, he doubted that any of the seven people sleeping inside would have lived.
“I thank God for taking care of us as the tree would have killed us,” he said.
Rain lashed the city after almost three weeks of dry weather.
The accompanying strong winds uprooted trees which damaged properties and blocked roads.
Meanwhile, the National Weather Service office has issued strong winds warnings for Mamose.

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