Farmers told to change attitude

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

WE must change our attitude to accept coffee rehabilitation work, says Pastor Steven Lupai.
“If we want change we must change our thinking and attitude,” he said.
Lupai of the Sinivit Local Level Government in Pomio district, East New Britain, said this during the signing of a Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project agreement between Coffee Industry Corporation, the New Britain Resources Development Ltd and Qaqet Stewardship Council Inc.
The signing ceremony took place at Sinivit LLG headquarters in Pomio recently.
The project is financed by a loan from the World Bank, International Development Association and International Fund for Agricultural Development, plus counter-funding from the Government.
The agreement paves the way for the new lead partner to implement coffee rehabilitation activities.
It includes improving existing coffee gardens and setting up nurseries for one million seedlings in Pomio.
The project will involve 1,000 farmers working on 1000 hectares.
The lead partner has committed to invest K1 million which includes the construction of a warehouse for storage and coffee green bean processing factory in Kokopo.
“We must change the whole being in ourselves to have a sense of purpose in our lives.”
Only then will farmers accept coffee rehabilitation work as a blessing with no corruption.”
PPAP project manager Potaisa Hombunaka emphasised the importance of accountability and good governance in the management of coffee rehabilitation work.
“Why are we signing the agreement here in Sinivit? The provincial government must know and support it.
“It is important to also go down the next tier of government especially the LLGs and coffee growers to know this project and we work together. The most important people here are 1,000 farmers and their families who will be beneficiaries this project.”