Farmers told to save money

National, Normal

The National, Monday, May 16, 2011

ALCOHOL consumption levels in Chimbu during this coffee season are very high, a woman leader said last Wednesday.
Women In Politics provincial president Cecelia Dere said she was gravely concerned about coffee growers and parents spending their hard-earned cash on alcohol without thinking about their future needs.
Dere said of the many places she had been to, she saw people, including women, drinking alcohol day and night.
“The people are having an alcohol party,” she said.
Dere said coffee growers seldom thought of saving their money for paying school fees or buying essential items.
She said the coffee price would not be good all the time and urged people not to waste their money on alcohol or gambling.
Dere said parents who had children in school must try and pay their fees this year and save some money in their bank accounts for next year.
She said those who did not have a bank account must go to the nationwide micro-bank and open a new account.
She said the K7.60 per kg for a coffee parchment was a blessing to the growers but they should spend this wisely.
“If you don’t have good blankets, mattresses, clothes, eating utensils or other basic things in your house, now is the time to buy them,” she said.
Dere said coffee was a seasonal crop and would not bear cherries all year round and the season would be over in July.