Father accused of sexual abuse


POLICE in East New Britain (ENB) have arrested and charged a man with sexually abusing his daughter.
ENB police commander Chief Insp Joseph Tabali said a 50-year-old man from Manus was arrested and charged by police with three counts of sexual penetration, persistent sexual abuse and incest.
Police said the suspect was the biological father of the victim, who is 14 years old.
“The victim cannot continue with her studies because she is eight months pregnant now,” Chief Insp Tabali said.
Police alleged that the abuse had started in 2011 when the victim was six years old and in elementary school.
The victim’s mother did not know until she (mother) found out last week.
Chief Insp Tabali said the alleged offence took place when the victim’s mother was away on work related duties and left the victim with her father.
“The suspect always bribed the victim by giving her a big amount of money so that she would not report the matter to the police.
“However, she reported the incident to her teacher and the teacher reported the matter to her mother.”
Chief Insp Tabali said the matter was reported to police in Kerevat by the mother and the suspect was arrested and charged and is in custody at the Kerevat police station.
He is expected to appear before the Kerevat District Court this week.