Fifth Momase teachers rating conference underway in Madang

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THE fifth Momase teachers rating conference in Madang was officially opened by of Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet yesterday.
The one-week conference is held at the Regional Education conference centre and was attended by 34 senior schools inspectors from elementary, primary, high and secondary schools.
During the opening yesterday, Sir Arnold said it was about time everyone worked together to raise the poor standard of performance in the country.
He said that due to poor leadership, performance indicators in achieving the millennium development goals is the poorest, in the Pacific region.
Sir Arnold said important key health and education sector indicators had proven to be well below average.
He said offering poor quality of leadership was the problem in achieving the targeted goals in improving the livelihood of the people.
He said government after government wasted a lot of time making policies after policies but they were just wasting time as none of those policies actually achieved its goals.
Sir Arnold said one of the MDG in achieving universal education had also not been achieved as about 45% of the total school-aged children were educated while the rest had yet to receive some form of basic education and they were the ones who turned into criminal activities.
He said it was their right to be educated and, therefore, it should be the obligation of the Government and the parents to provide universal basic education for them.
Sir Arnold also stressed the standard of professionalism had also dropped significantly and hindered effective service delivery.