Fight affecting schools, exams

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 EASTERN Highlands police commander Supt John Kale yesterday appealed to the two warring factions in Aiyura to stop fighting.

He called on the villagers of Iranomba and Onamuna to stop the violence because they were disturbing, among other things, students sitting the Grade 12 examinations at the Aiyura National High School.

Grade Eight students at the Professor Schindler Primary School will begin their exams next week.

“The people must think about saving money for their children’s school fees because the fight erupted over a very small issue,” he said,

“Since important State institutions are in the valley, we deployed police there. 

“They have to respect State property. Police are conducting awareness in the two villages and they should listen.”

Kale warned people trying to create further trouble t they would be dealt with by the law.

Obura-Wonenara MP Mehrra Minne Kipefa told employees of the Coffee Industry Corporation and National Agriculture Research Institute he planned to set up a police mobile squad in Aiyura.