Fighters take centre stage

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KICKBOXING went straight into the senior division fights late yesterday afternoon, after completing 21 junior male and two female fights, on Monday night.
After breezing through some tough contests late Monday night, the rough and tumble of kickboxing did not ease off, as the opening fight of the seniors in the 57-62kg division, saw a little brutal action take centre stage in the ongoing knockout fights.
Experienced fighters from Team Simbu, Moses Mogia and Team NCD’s Alex Worogop redrew a phased-out crowd with some exciting kickboxing in their bout.
The fight saw local favourite Worogop take charge in the first touch-ups with quality techniques and skills, to pool in on the Simbu ‘package’.
Mogia, unorthodox however, in style kept the pressure on towards the second round, landing at every opportunity, and keeping himself in the fight.
Spectators and teams alike soaked up the action and atmosphere, and let both fighters know, and were drawn even further, when the bout ended in a draw.
Officials further extended the bout to two more one minute rounds, but even that came to a draw. Point scoring kicks and punches were ‘metallic’, and had Worogop out of the ring at one stage off a Mogia assault.
A further draw at the end of the extended bout, called for the usage of the ‘first touch decision’ ruling, which Mogia won, along with the bout.
Mogia was ruled by two ringside judges to have made the first point scoring contact, much to the disapproval of a larger part of the crowd.
“The judges must have been the ones behind Mogia, and could not see Worogops contact. It was the more effective contact”, a spectator said.
The senior bouts continued into last night, and ended with final placings for qualifying fighters before this evenings’ session.
In Monday’s junior results, winners in the female division 51-62kg were Veronica Steven from ENB, and Jacklyn Kama from Team WHP.
The men’s results are, 45-50kg-Rodney Matthew, Eliab Yambu, Finden Bale-Karl Potol, 51-56kg Pool A-Levis Rex, Gugs Kukne, Schubert Matarai, Aiyawa Kiwi, 51-56kg Pool B-Randol Koraha Rodney Tabego, Martin Mike, Tom Peter and Poro Mukisa.